Guide to buying Axe Deodorant Spray

Axe deodorants and body sprays have been on the market for a really long time, and have gained quite a big, positive reputation in the industry. Usually marketed towards men, Axe deodorant sprays pride themselves on their high quality and ability to keep unpleasant odors away, as well as the ability to make men more desirable with unique, pleasant fragrances.

How to buy the right deodorant for you

There are several things to look out for when buying deodorant, to help you get the perfect match for your body.

First of all, you should always keep in mind to look for deodorants that contain no aluminum. Numerous researches have shown that the aluminum contained in body sprays is incredibly dangerous and detrimental to one’s health, so you need to avoid it at all costs. Most deodorants will have a label on the front stating that they don’t contain aluminum, so you should also avoid any body sprays without said label.

One of the biggest issues people have encountered with deodorants is the yellow stains they leave on clothes, especially black and white. Axe deodorant spray is usually one of the best choices if you want to avoid unwanted stains, and you can usually find a label on all their products stating this.

Nowadays, Axe body sprays also come in the shape of deodorant wipes, an extremely efficient and convenient alternative. You can carry them on you at all times and use them whenever you feel like you need some freshening up, such as after a work out or even while out with your friends or partner.

Best Axe deodorant sprays

There are plenty of options available anywhere in store, but here are some of the products which had the best reviews over time.

The first product is the Axe Harmony for Men, known for its pleasant, durable fragrance which fills the wearer with confidence. This fragrance is an unique combination between black pepper, ginger and citrus, and it is extremely effective at keeping away the unpleasant odors caused by sweating. Another great feature of this deodorant is the completely safe formula, made especially to protect the skin against rashes and irritations.

If you are also looking for an antiperspirant option, then the Axe Dark Temptation Antiperspirant Stick is the right choice for you. This stick is made to prevent unpleasant odors and the development of sweat under your arms, even up to 24 hours. What makes this product so popular is also the unique, fruity fragrance, made from a combination between cherries, pears and ginger.

One of the most popular options is the Axe Black Chill Stick for Men. This stick offers a great feeling of freshness and cold, with its incredible formula made from lemon, lime and mint. The scent will keep away any of the unwanted odors for the duration of a day, so you can confidently go on that date with your partner or engage in outdoors activities, feeling fresh and not worrying about the sweat.

3 Electric Mountain Bikes Models You’ll Love

An electric mountain bike is a regular mountain bike equipped with an electric motor. Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, range from bikes that have small motors that slightly assist the pedals, to more powerful ones, comparable to mopeds. Buying an electric mountain bike is an exceptional idea, since not only it will make your bike trips easier, it is also an eco-friendly solution because it runs solely on rechargeable batteries.

However, if you’re not a bike expert or not so much into bikes, you may find it hard to choose the mountain e-bike that will suit your needs. Luckily for you, in this article I will describe three top-selling mountain e-bikes: the ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike, the ECOTRIC Fat Bike Tire Electric Mountain Bike 500W, and the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike. This article is meant to help you understand the differences between the three, and help you make a wise bike choice.

ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike.


The materials that this bike’s body is made of are carbon steel and aluminum alloy, which make it both durable and light. It is a bike made for mountain terrain, because these materials are able to handle heavy weights very well. It has a 21-speed transition system, reliable front and rear disc brakes, a horn, and a powerful front LED lamp, making night riding as easy as day riding. It also has a removable battery, and a mileage range of 25 to 50 km, therefore you should be able to make all of your in-city trips without having to charge it. Its 250W motor makes it easy for you to maintain a 15mph speed (road speed limit). Its price is around 600$.

ECOTRIC Fat Bike Tire Electric Mountain Bike 500W.

ECOTRIC Fat Bike Tire Electric Mountain Bike 500W

This bike is more powerful than most mountain e-bikes. With a power of 500W you can also call it an electric motor. Its max speed is 20mph, and it has a 7 gears shifting system that only fat tire bikes have. Its 36V rear hub motor battery is removable and lithium cell. Its tire dimensions are 26 X 4.0, making it a durable, all-road, safe, fast and stable option. It weighs 58lbs, and can impressively carry 260lbs. When you order this bike, ECOTRIC has it 90% preassembled for you, with an adjustable seat and an ergonomic handbar. It costs around 890$.

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike.

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

This mountain e-bike comes mostly preassembled, and you should be able to completely assemble it in under 5 minutes. It is easy to use, and it is equipped with a quick release battery, a quick release front wheel, and quick change Shimano gears. It isn’t as powerful as the other bikes, and it is only powered by pedal assist, but it has a stunning mileage range of 28km, with a max speed of 25mph. It is very comfortable, with a padded saddle, and it’s safe to ride in the rain. It’s 36V battery is upgraded lithium-ion, and it has a 21-speed gear system. It costs around 750$.

Keystone KSTAW06A 6,000 BTU Air Con Review

About this Product

Our prime aim is to display you an accurate product information.

Keystone KSTAW06A 6,000 BTU 115V window-mounted air conditioner is perfect for room cooling computing up to 250 square feet. Keystone KSTAW06A 6,000 BTU comprises with electronic controls with LED display, the full function “Follow me” LCD remote control and temperature sensing permit you to set and maintain temperature across the room. Moreover, a feature of window air conditioner includes high efficiency with energy saver mode, automatic restart mode, sleep mode and one year fully labor and parts warranty. 12.2 Energy efficiency ratio (EER). 3 fan speed, 3 cooling speed plus auto cool for cooling flexibility.

Dehumidification up to 5 pints per hour. Keystone 6,000 BTU window air conditioner is a high energy compliant facilitates you programmable 24-hour timer, savings your energy bills and convenience along with cool comfort. Although a quiet operation almost 51.9 dB on low aid you to get a peaceful sleep during the night. It was voted as one of the quietest window air conditioner models of 2018 according to

Features and product specifications Keystone 6,000-BTU Window Air Conditioner, KSTAW06:

  1. Adjustable air flow direction
  2. Timer
  3. Manufacturer part number KEYSTN KSTAW08A
  4. 2 AAA batteries required
  5. Available color: White
  6. Temperature sensing LCD remote control
  7. Window mounted installation
  8. Assembled product weight
  9. Cooling 5.4 A
  10. One year warranty
  11. 6000 BTU of cooling power is appropriate for 250 square feet rooms.
  12. For 23” to 36” windows.
  13. Includes full function “Follow me” remote control.
  14. 1-year labor and parts warranty, 5 years sealed system warranty.
  15. 3 fan speed and 3 cooling speeds respectively.
  16. Easy to clean, promptly slide-out mesh filter available.
  17. 115V/ 560 W power.
  18. 2016 energy star
  19. The optionof auto-cooling flexibility.

Advantages of Keystone 6,000-BTU Window Air Conditioner, KSTAW06:

  • Universal light duty air conditioner.
  • More output in less price.
  • The air conditioner is worthy


  • The company includes a lot of added pieces from side panels and insulation to make heat out.
  • Several features including digital display, thermostat makes it internally insulated.
  • Very noisy and smells like a refrigerant.

Customer Question and Answers

Question 1. What are the dimensions of this unit?

Answer: Air-conditioner on supplying high power running very weak and often blows out cold air.

Question 2. How much wide it be?

Answer: It is approximately 19 inches wide.

Question 3. Where is the option of the filter in instructions, I didn’t see how to get it?

Answer: On the front of the AC filter is just behind the grill. Just pull the cover then it may come off.

Question 4. What type of filter unit will it have either be the washable or reusable filter?

Answer: This unit includes usable, washable mesh filter.

Question 5. Several times AC went on and off and blows out warm air, any idea you have?

Answer: This may often occur due to a surge in electricity, AC turns up power saver mode and blows out warm air. You may also adjust your AC fan speed according to your satisfaction.

Question 6: Would front flip down filter would be cleaned?

Answer: Yes filter is slideable, and slides out.

Question 7: Did unit come with a kit?

Answer: Obviously it comes with a kit.

How Do Magnets Work?

The question How do Magnets Work? is one that has yet to be fully answered even today. That’s right, nobody quite knows the answer.

There are two sides to the simple question though, and one we can answer. That is, what a magnet actually does. People have known about them for thousands of years. What we still don’t know is exactly Why it works. Although in the past one hundred years we have gotten a lot closer to understanding that as well.

So firstly, What do Magnets Do?

Well every single magnet has two ‘poles’. A north pole and a south pole. Just like our planet Earth. The north magnetic pole will repel other northern poles with an invisible force. Conversely, it will also attract a southern pole, pulling and sticking them together with that same invisible force. You’ll remember playing with the red blue magnets in elementary school and learning that much for yourself.

Maybe you’ll also remember that magnets can actually be used to make more magnets? If you take a magnetised piece of metal and run it multiple times in the same direction over a fork or a needle, you can make that object into a magnet too. This isn’t just a party trick either. That needle on a piece of cotton in water will align with the Earth’s magnetic field and point north. A homemade compass.

So next, Why on earth Do Magnets Work?

Here’s where things get a little tricky. About 200 years ago a man named James Clerk Maxwell proved to the world that magnets work because of the electrons in the metal of a magnet. He showed that magnetism and electricity were two sides of the same coin. Electromagnetism was born.

As such electricity can be used to make magnets and the reverse is also true, magnets can be used to make electricity. All you need to do is put a wire in a magnetic field and move the magnet for electricity to be created.

But why do they work? I know its not a short question to answer. Remember when we learnt that if you run a magnet multiple times over a needle you can make that needle into a magnet? This is because we are aligning all of the electrons in the same direction. Every electron always exerts force, but normally they all just exert it randomly in different directions.

Creating a magnet gives the electrons focus. When they are all facing the same way they create a magnetic field capable of pulling and pushing without physical contact. This isn’t a mystery, but there is still one big one left.

People still don’t know exactly what a magnetic field is, or how it works. Some physicists claim it is a field of energy, others that electrons emit tiny quantum level particles that we cannot detect. For the curious out there, there are even more questions unanswered about magnets, like why do they have a north and a south pole in the first place? So if you have to ask ‘Hey, how Do magnets work?’ Don’t feel bad that you dont already know, nobody else does either.