Keystone KSTAW06A 6,000 BTU Air Con Review

About this Product

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Keystone KSTAW06A 6,000 BTU 115V window-mounted air conditioner is perfect for room cooling computing up to 250 square feet. Keystone KSTAW06A 6,000 BTU comprises with electronic controls with LED display, the full function “Follow me” LCD remote control and temperature sensing permit you to set and maintain temperature across the room. Moreover, a feature of window air conditioner includes high efficiency with energy saver mode, automatic restart mode, sleep mode and one year fully labor and parts warranty. 12.2 Energy efficiency ratio (EER). 3 fan speed, 3 cooling speed plus auto cool for cooling flexibility.

Dehumidification up to 5 pints per hour. Keystone 6,000 BTU window air conditioner is a high energy compliant facilitates you programmable 24-hour timer, savings your energy bills and convenience along with cool comfort. Although a quiet operation almost 51.9 dB on low aid you to get a peaceful sleep during the night. It was voted as one of the quietest window air conditioner models of 2018 according to

Features and product specifications Keystone 6,000-BTU Window Air Conditioner, KSTAW06:

  1. Adjustable air flow direction
  2. Timer
  3. Manufacturer part number KEYSTN KSTAW08A
  4. 2 AAA batteries required
  5. Available color: White
  6. Temperature sensing LCD remote control
  7. Window mounted installation
  8. Assembled product weight
  9. Cooling 5.4 A
  10. One year warranty
  11. 6000 BTU of cooling power is appropriate for 250 square feet rooms.
  12. For 23” to 36” windows.
  13. Includes full function “Follow me” remote control.
  14. 1-year labor and parts warranty, 5 years sealed system warranty.
  15. 3 fan speed and 3 cooling speeds respectively.
  16. Easy to clean, promptly slide-out mesh filter available.
  17. 115V/ 560 W power.
  18. 2016 energy star
  19. The optionof auto-cooling flexibility.

Advantages of Keystone 6,000-BTU Window Air Conditioner, KSTAW06:

  • Universal light duty air conditioner.
  • More output in less price.
  • The air conditioner is worthy


  • The company includes a lot of added pieces from side panels and insulation to make heat out.
  • Several features including digital display, thermostat makes it internally insulated.
  • Very noisy and smells like a refrigerant.

Customer Question and Answers

Question 1. What are the dimensions of this unit?

Answer: Air-conditioner on supplying high power running very weak and often blows out cold air.

Question 2. How much wide it be?

Answer: It is approximately 19 inches wide.

Question 3. Where is the option of the filter in instructions, I didn’t see how to get it?

Answer: On the front of the AC filter is just behind the grill. Just pull the cover then it may come off.

Question 4. What type of filter unit will it have either be the washable or reusable filter?

Answer: This unit includes usable, washable mesh filter.

Question 5. Several times AC went on and off and blows out warm air, any idea you have?

Answer: This may often occur due to a surge in electricity, AC turns up power saver mode and blows out warm air. You may also adjust your AC fan speed according to your satisfaction.

Question 6: Would front flip down filter would be cleaned?

Answer: Yes filter is slideable, and slides out.

Question 7: Did unit come with a kit?

Answer: Obviously it comes with a kit.

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